Touching Down for International Beaver Day: The Skydiving Beavers

SkydivingBeavers Jacket

Who knew? Today’s International Beaver Day! Suggestion for adding to your celebration—my new picture book, The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale

It’s the amazing story of a daring experiment just after World War II, when an Idaho wildlife conservation team relocated via airdrop—yep, parachutes!—seventy-six live beavers. One beaver, playfully named Geronimo, endured countless practice drops, seeming to enjoy the skydives, and led the way as all the rodents parachuted into their new home. Readers and wildlife enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy Geronimo’s true tale, as well as the luminous illustrations of the Idaho wilderness by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen.

You can learn more about the book and holiday, plus find kid-friendly directions to make an adorable beaver craft from a thread spool, at Celebrate Picture Books. Be sure to check it out! 

And happy, happy #BeaverDay!

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