Sleeping Bear Press to Publish Sandy Feet

So this happened! From Publishers Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf:

sandy copy

Sleeping Bear did such a beautiful job with The Skydiving Beavers: A True Tale. And Steliyana’s work is absolutely beautiful. So excited to see what they come up with!

Fun fact 1: I wrote this manuscript waaaaaay back in 2006. Tried for years—on my own and with an agent—to place it with a publisher, with no luck. I put it away. But I still believed in it. After Skydiving Beavers was published, it occurred to me that my nature-appreciating friends at Sleeping Bear might appreciate this story, agent sent it their way, and—hooray!—Sandy Feet finally found its home.

Fun fact 2: The book was inspired by the license plate on a slow-rolling SUV I may or may not have been tailgating all those years ago: SNDY FT. Yep, inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime! 

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