Booklist on Esquivel!: "Incorporates Enough Sound Effects to Make Esquivel Proud"

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Hooray! Another fantastic review for Esquivel! This time from Booklist (excerpt):

Juan García Esquivel created out-of-this world sounds, and Wood (formerly VanHecke) and Tonatiuh capture the fascinating story of Esquivel’s musical talent in this picture-book biography….Wood’s story provides insight to the the making of a magnificent musician and incorporates enough sound effects (wheedy-whee!, blap!, bowm-bowm!) to make Esquivel proud. Energetic collage illustrations complement the text by allowing readers to see Esquivel’s sounds and his love for music. Sibert Award winner Tonatiuh (Funny Bones, 2015) draws in his well-known style inspired by the Mixtec codes, where characters are represented in profile.

Thanks so much, Booklist—hope kiddos will dig it too!

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